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Our Commitment Is to Provide Clients with Professional & Dependable Investigative Services

a private investigator is doing an investigation

James Craig Investigations 

has been serving Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and British Columbia with professional investigative services since 1986. 

Over the years we have developed reliable and trusted contacts throughout the community, Canada and the world. 

Every client's specific needs are handled in a thorough, discreet and confidential manner. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive results and peace of mind.

Contact James Craig for a free consultation and professional review of your investigation needs.


  • Surveillance & Activities Monitoring

  • Spousal Infidelity Investigations

  • Civil, Commercial & Criminal

  • Background & Profiles

  • Services to Law Firms

  • Undercover Operations

  • Corporate Fraud/Theft

  • Internal Investigations

  • Video & Photo Evidence

  • Witness Discovery & Statements

  • Polygraph Examinations

  • Child Custody & Teenager Matters

  • Personal & Sensitive Situations

  • Legal Document Service

  • Discreet Deliveries

  • Asset Recovery

  • Inquiries, Discreet or Otherwise

  • Electronic Countermeasures

  • Difficult Process Services

  • Unusual Circumstances

  • Missing Person Locates

  • Private Investigations

Areas of Service

  • Greater Victoria

  • Vancouver Island

  • The Gulf Islands

  • British Columbia

  • Canada Wide Investigative Resources

  • Reliable Sources throughout the World

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Thorough. Discreet. Confidential.

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Office Hours

Every Day: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

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